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Adam Freeman


I have been at Harrison for many years teaching Sports Medicine and Healthcare Science. Recently, I have become the new coach for Harrison's very own swim team, the H2Oyas. I have had much experience heading the athletic training program here at Harrison High School. I enjoy aiding our rock solid athletes as they work and play hard.

The Faces of Hoya Nation Sports


The combination of both Terry and Adam's athletic background and love for sports is now resulting in a product made specifically for our Harrison sports fan community. Hoya Nation Sports broadcasting is here to give you the ability to listen to any Harrison sport you love, no matter where you are.

Terry Kemp


 This is my 8th year at Harrison as a Sports and Entertainment Marketing teacher and 10th year as a basketball coach. I also coached our Men's Lacrosse team for 3-4 years. In addition to being an educator, I am also an author. My first book, titled Until It's All Over, will be followed by my second book, titled Bending Heaven's Will, in September of 2018.

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